Michael Borjas

Michael-BorjasMichael Borjas graduated from Fremont Ross High School in 2017. He graduated from The University of Toledo with a bachelor of arts degree. Michael has played trombone and euphonium with the UToledo Wind Ensemble, bass trombone with the UToledo symphony orchestra, sousaphone with the Utoledo Marching Band, and tuba with the Sylvania Community Band.

Additionally, he has played trombone with a Toledo-based group called The Ice Cream Militia since 2018, playing all sorts of music from rock and funk to reggae! In 2015, Michael started acquiring tools for band instrument repair. After finding he had a pretty good knack for dent work and soldering, he began buying instruments, fixing them up, and selling them as a hobby. During that time, Michael also concluded that being a band director was not his passion. He had dedicated enough time to college to finish it but changed his degree to the broader “bachelor of arts”. Michael has been doing part-time brass, percussion, and some bowed string repairs for Forte Music since the summer of 2022. Forte’s owner, Ed Adams, realized very quickly that Michael was not only very smart but also had a great understanding of brass repairs, with the finesse that is much needed in the craft. Michael accepted the full-time position with Forte Music in May of 2023. He will take private training in various repair areas to round out his abilities, including bowed string instruments.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family, hiking the great outdoors, and restoring vintage and antique brass instruments for his personal collection.