Instrument Rental

Beginner Instrument Rentals

Your child’s path to a Successful Music Experience Starts HERE!

Give your student the best chance to excel by choosing Forte Music for your first musical instrument. When you rent from Forte Music, you get more than a quality musical instrument.

Full Service Repair Facility - LOCAL to Your School, Within Easy Driving Distance

Experienced Personnel that are Musicians

Road Reps that Visit YOUR School Weekly

Accessories Required for Basic Maintenance

Flexible Purchase Plans to fit Most Budgets

Instruments Prepped and Delivered to School

Rental Plan that Allows you to Switch Instruments and not Lose your Investment

A Company that is Committed to the Growth of Instrumental Music in YOUR School

Cooperation Between YOUR Director and the Music Dealer for the Student's Benefit

Over 50 Years Combined Repair Experience

Over 20 Years of Sponsorship and Promotion for Student Workshops and Clinics

Instrument Rental
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Beginner Enrollment Information

Reduced Rates as Introductory Offer
Alto Sax$21/month

Three-month enrollment required.

  • After Three Month Enrollment Period You Will Receive Instructions to Begin 30 Month Rent to Own Payments and We Will Mail Payment Coupons to You.
  • AT ANY TIME During Rent to Own Period You May Purchase the Instrument and Receive a 30% Discount on Remaining Balance.
  • Rent to Own Payments Will Range From $25.00 to $75.00 per Month.
  • Payments Can Be Applied to a Different Band Instrument if the Student Needs to Switch.
  • Instrument May Be Returned at Any Time to Terminate Rental.
  • Maintenance Fee Will Cover Repairs Due to Normal Use. We Strongly Suggest Basic Adjustments or Cleaning at Least Twice During the Rental Period.