Kawai K200 Professional Upright Piano


Kawai K200 Professional Upright Acoustic Piano

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The K-200 K Series Professional Upright Piano delivers all the features that a well-crafted instrument needs to satisfy the demands of the most experienced pianists and professional teaching studios. Featuring the exclusive Millennium III Upright Action that is considered one of the finest upright actions in the world, the K-200 upright piano offers incredible touch that allows ease of musical expression. Complementing this responsive touch is the K-200’s rich, warm tone enhanced by a premium tapered solid spruce soundboard. With excellent tone, consistent touch and a beautiful cabinet design, the K-200 upright piano is an exceptional choice for any pianist.

  • Exclusive Millennium III Upright Action with ABS-Carbon Composites
  • Double Felted Mahogany Core Hammers
  • Height Adjustable Bench
SizeHeight45" (114 cm)
Width59" (149 cm)
Depth22.5” (57 cm)
Weight459 lbs. (208 kg)
TouchWhite Key SurfacesAcrylic
Black Key SurfacesPhenol
ActionMillennium III Upright Action with ABS-Carbon Composites
Hammer FeltsAll Underfelted
SoundSoundboardSolid Spruce, Tapered
Speaking Length of No.1 String45.6" (1157 mm)
Contour Bars1
Duplex Scaling-
Back Posts4
Exterior DesignPedalsSoft, Muffler, Damper
Front CastersSingle, Brass
Fallboard"Soft Fall" Closing System
Other FeaturesSteel Reinforced Keyslip & Keybed


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